Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting

August 20, 2017
Bachelor of Business

Studies in Accountancy & Taxation prepare students for measuring and analyzing the earnings, expenses, sources and uses of funds of a company on such basis as certain typically accepted principles. Such dimensions and analyses are beneficial to those right in charge of attaining manufacturing, advertising and financial targets.

The objectives of the undergraduate system in accounting tend to be to supply students utilizing the capability to…

  1. Record, analyze, and interpret financial alongside information,
  2. Identify and identify accounting problems,
  3. Connect business information in a clear and concise fashion,
  4. Recognize ethical and regulating dilemmas, and
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of bookkeeping and monetary principles

Jobs can be found in corporate, non-profit and government businesses, along with the field of community accounting.

Students planning to graduate with a concentration in Accounting must match the basic BBA degree needs, plus follow the length of research placed in the UH Course Catalog.

Internal Audit (IA) Certificate

BBA Accounting pupils supply the chance to discover probably the most up-to-date principle and rehearse in the area of Internal Auditing through Internal Audit Certificate . Pupils who concentrate in this area might be entitled to get a certificate in Internal Audit and work toward eligibility to become an avowed Internal Auditor (CIA).

Oil & Gasoline Certificate (O&G)

BBA Accounting pupils supply the chance to discover probably the most up-to-date theory and practice in neuro-scientific Oil & Gas/Energy Accounting through the O&G Certificate. Students who focus of this type can be entitled to receive a certificate in Oil & petrol Accounting and work toward employment because field.

Business Administration - Accounting
Business Administration - Accounting
Bachelor of Business (Accounting) student
Bachelor of Business (Accounting) student
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Bachelor of Business Administration.wmv
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