Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

December 23, 2015
Roadmap for Entrepreneurship

The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (the Consortium) has been offering leadership and gathering enthusiasm for teaching entrepreneurship within our schools since 1982. The Consortium ended up being created in reaction to an insurance policy Paper through the US Department of knowledge, finalized at that time Secretary Terrell Bell. His idea ended up being that entrepreneurship is an element of the curriculum for all vocational programs in secondary and post-secondary education.

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Membership into the Consortium started with State Directors of Vocational knowledge just who remain part of the Consortium management. Over the years, since the notion of entrepreneurship knowledge distribute to your broader K-12 education system and higher education, membership has actually broadened to incorporate universities and colleges, neighborhood college methods, foundations, private companies, and national companies of several numerous kinds. At this time over 60 institutions and businesses - from inside and outside the usa - tend to be members of the Consortium.

An organization thought to be the national leader in advocating entrepreneurship education.

To champ entrepreneurship training and provide advocacy, management, networking, technical support, and sources nationally across all amounts and procedures of education, while promoting high quality techniques and programs.

Entrepreneurship programs meet with the needs of many diverse teams:

  • Places looking for economic development start thinking about establishing an entrepreneurial tradition an important long-term strategy for producing tasks and wealth.
  • People who drop or give-up their jobs for of numerous factors need to have the choice to become self-employed, if the possibility or require arise.
  • Youth that can come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds can be inspired to understand and attain when they are given utilizing the comprehending that they can certainly achieve their particular objectives and desires through entrepreneurship.
  • Minorities whom feel disenfranchised need experiences that allow all of them to observe that they could make unique opportunities.
  • Administrators that nervous to prove the potency of their particular schools should explore the likelihood of encouraging student students by exposing the style they can be their own supervisor someday.
  • Young women that have been successful in business jobs until they meet with the "glass roof" find that beginning their business is a significant choice.
  • Remote communities that drop their particular "best and brightest" youth to bigger towns and cities can see the importance of creating companies home, using the advantages of modern communications and transport.
  • Worldwide business opportunities involved by neighborhood entrepreneurial companies could be the answer to losing local jobs. Producing brand-new jobs is recognized as far better than possessing ineffective old jobs.
  • Decreasing company failure because of much better education and training of our entrepreneurs is a financial advantage to all.
Consortium Goals
  • Promoting the incorporation of entrepreneurship knowledge across all levels of job technical and scholastic education, through infusion within present classes and also by the assistance of separate programs created in entrepreneurship.
  • Encouraging involvement of partnerships with business, industry, agency and trade organizations, and combining diverse teams within the consortium whoever passions foster economic development through entrepreneurship education.
  • Encouraging teacher knowledge establishments and accrediting groups to include competencies of entrepreneurship into instructor training curricula.
  • Modeling studies to recognize successful ventures into entrepreneurship and establishing competencies of entrepreneurship.
  • Revealing with consortium users the academic activities, programs and methods being implemented to add entrepreneurial principles to the instructional and guidance service tasks.
  • Supplying a focal point when it comes to planning, organizing and promoting of entrepreneurship education attempts.
  • Attracting users devoted to the growth and advertising of entrepreneurship education across the nation plus the world.
  • Positioning whilst the major advocacy and resource team for entrepreneurship education for grades K-14 and adult ed.
  • Trying to meet the needs of its people for products and different types of teaching entrepreneurship.
Consortium Officials and Staff
Girl Scouts Program - Consortium Forum 2011
Girl Scouts Program - Consortium Forum 2011
Scott Gerber - Consortium Forum 2011
Scott Gerber - Consortium Forum 2011
Edgar Smith - Consortium Forum 2011
Edgar Smith - Consortium Forum 2011
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