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March 11, 2016
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The Penn State intercollege MBA (iMBA) is an AACSB–accredited on line MBA integrating a target cutting-edge business techniques, integrative and interactive curriculum, and immersive practical experiences across all functional aspects of company.

As a Penn State on the web MBA pupil, you'll have usage of a range of resources to support you. Each semester, we order your publications and training course materials while having them sent to you, as well as complete your registration for all classes. Your system agent and our profession services group enjoy the questions you have about classes and job preparation, and provide advice. You can access the online catalog and review databases as if you had been sitting in a Penn State collection. We provide this specialized support to enable you to focus more closely on course material, significant interactions and discussions with professors and other pupils, and networking with business and industry frontrunners.

What Makes the Penn State iMBA Different?

  • Diverse virtual teams
  • Deep communications
  • Networking possibilities

As the Penn State on the web MBA degree system has a discerning admissions process, you'll make use of high-caliber pupils from about the planet. You will end up placed on virtual teams for the two-year system to mirror just how many high-performance organizations function in an international business environment. Through this substantial staff work, you can take advantage of diverse industry views and gain valuable understanding from the expert experiences of class mates inside system.

Built-in Curriculum and Original Residency Experiences

Inside 48-credit on line MBA system, you'll concentrate on six company themes derived from the values and principles present in every area of effective companies: strategic preparation, process administration, management, clients and markets, hr, and information evaluation.

Two defining components of the Penn State iMBA will be the Term 3 and Term 8 residencies. In the Term 3 residency, you may learn a prominent U.S. company by investing a week on site, examining their organizational construction and method. In Term 8 residency, you will participate in a group company simulation held at Penn State University Park in State university, Pennsylvania. These residency experiences put you in consulting and decision-making functions, allowing you to utilize the abilities you have got developed within the on line MBA degree system to find approaches to genuine company dilemmas. Towards the end of Term 8 residency, you'll have the chance to walk at commencement using the various other Penn State master’s and doctoral candidates.

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