Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

May 28, 2016
Master Of Business

Assisting you to handle world-scale issues, Oxford's MBA is a one-year programme for a complex, fragile and increasingly linked world.

Our society is unprecedentedly complex, connected and fragile. Our rely upon institutions and each other is under intense stress. Our energy, sustenance and water safety, our aging populations, the surge in kept data – these all need supervisors and frontrunners of unusual ability, sophistication and integrity. An MBA hasn't already been more necessary. At Oxford, the one-year MBA programme will equip you with these specific things in one year of intensive, immersive, and challenging experiences. The University's full time MBA programme brings you core competence and deep specialisation.

To succeed in company, you may need more than company abilities. A premier ranked programme embedded in a global course college, the Oxford MBA bursts the business bubble when you're totally embedded in a world-class University. Through your affiliation to a college, you will come across numerous non-business backgrounds and participate in a lively intellectual community.


The Saïd company School provides a difficult and thought-provoking degree through an involved community of faculty. As an element of this full time programme you will finish the GOTO (international Opportunities & Threats Oxford) Entrepreneurship training course, an innovative new school-wide neighborhood of learning to which MBA students, Executive MBA members, alumni and faculty are invited to take part in an activity of critical involvement with significant and growing global theme.


The assessment regime is a flexible combination of last examinations, group and specific assignments, and useful work, susceptible to the constraint that at least 60per cent of marks should always be allocated on someone basis, hence not more than 20per cent is allocated to useful work. Teachers should tailor evaluation methods to most effortlessly achieve the required discovering results. Evaluation is completed at the conclusion of each course. If you don't achieve the mandatory standard you have an opportunity to retake or resubmit the assessments these term.

Integration of knowledge across practical areas is promoted through integrative nature of this Entrepreneurial Project plus the Strategic Consulting Project.

You will end up expected to make regular presentations to teachers, examiners, and company professionals, and, in a few courses, these would-be a required the main evaluation.

Careers Service

Whether you need to get a top job in financial, consulting or industry, be an entrepreneur, or pursue a vocation in academia, the school’s professions solution can help you reach your objectives.

The careers service provides meeting education, allows you to develop your networking abilities, assists you in creating exemplary CVs and means you will be prepared for everything the job marketplace can toss at you.

Additionally, you will gain access to a select group of industry professionals who've connection with doing work for leading firms across an easy number of sectors including administration consulting, finance, hi-tech, brand-new endeavors, media and communications, and diversified business.

Saïd Business School Alumni Relations Office

The Oxford company Alumni system (OBA), the official alumni network for the University of Oxford Saïd Business class, had been created in 1998 to give you a focus for Oxonians that have a special curiosity about the world of company. There are many than 12, 000 OBA Network users residing in 129 nations throughout the world. The OBA Network is supervised by the Saïd Company School Alumni Relations Office.

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