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July 29, 2017
Community Futures Lloydminster

Alberta Health providers happens to be involved in the healthcare Reprocessing Technician plan since 2008, and works in close cooperative relationship with Alberta Business & Educational providers (ABES) to ensure the MDRT system grows using the industry, and surpasses objectives when it comes to curriculum and quality of graduates. Alberta Health Services provides our students with a practicum, and thus 96percent of our students are employed by Alberta wellness Services following their practicum experience.

ABES Prepares You for Job

This program contains 760 hours of training coupled with 320 hours of delinquent work experience. Students with this extensive Alberta company & Educational Services (ABES) system will compose the Global Association of Healthcare Central Service Material control (IAHCSMM) assessment. Success in this exam is a pre-requisite to employment as a Medical Device Reprocessing specialist in Alberta, and ABES remains the only academic establishment in Alberta to include the IAHCSMM designation during education. All staff doing work in health Device Reprocessing should be certified prior to April 2015; and our teachers and staff tend to be best-equipped to get ready pupils for evaluation.

Salary You May Expect

Based on the 2011 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians have actually a wage price median of $19.63 per hour to start and an optimum price of $22.93 hourly when experienced in the market.

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