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May 16, 2017
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Even as we talked about in an earlier post, on the web programs are becoming a well-established section of global executive-education programming. But what about massive open online programs (MOOCs)? 1000s of members enrol daily on no-cost or inexpensive courses provided by leading international universities via internet based platforms like Coursera and edX. Company management subjects are specifically well-known MOOC teaching topics. Yet will it be reasonable to anticipate MOOCs to be utilized to measure the exec-ed knowledge into masses?

To get a better sense of just how MOOCs match the executive-education landscape, look at the University of Chicago Booth class of company as an incident research.

The limitations of MOOCs for exec education

Chicago Booth went its first MOOC in 2013. Their particular doctoral-level training course on asset rates, taught by Professor John H. Cochrane, saw an impressive 72, 000 enrolments the first time it had been offered. However, with regards to found translating exec workshops and workshops into a MOOC structure, senior directors at Booth decided a different sort of strategy would be necessary for senior professionals – one that would complement their particular distinctive in-person knowledge to produce even more education value.

“The primary audience we serve in exec-ed is senior executives and large potentials, as well as for both these teams the absolute most scarce resource is time, ” says Renu Kulkarni, Associate Dean of Executive Education at Booth. “As soon as we ask these teams about which mastering formats provide the most value in their mind, they inform us that to be able to spend 3 to 5 days on our campus, in a high-touch environment with professors and expert colleagues, is one thing they simply can’t get anywhere else.”

Despite advances in technology and enhanced possibilities to interact in real time with teachers and class mates in an online environment, MOOCs so far haven't been capable adequately replacement the intimate seminar area setting. As Kulkarni leaves it, “It’s clearly more difficult to exert effort in an organization on an incident study. Building knowledge in an exec-ed programme develops interactively, and in a MOOC you can’t be as natural and interact instantly.” But as you won’t yet get a hold of Booth turning exec-ed workshops into MOOCs, the school is very carefully considering means online learning platforms may be used to complement the class room knowledge.

MAPs Executive Tony Booth at London event June 2015
MAPs Executive Tony Booth at London event June 2015
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