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June 13, 2017
Aligning Strategy and Sales
Michael Jarrett

Professors Michael Jarrett & Quy Huy
Programme Directors

"it is really about discovering: Do you have the best strategy? If so, are you in a position to apply it effectively?"

Many businesses believe that, after mindful strategic review, evaluation and planning, obtained a winning strategy. However, our newest studies have shown that 70 % of companies are not able to get what they want from their strategic plan hence the difficulties often start with execution. The consequence of this is certainly both organisational failure and individual anxiety and frustration – especially for the executives charged with implementation.

Rationally, these executives have actually obvious ideas and know very well what they need to do – but they cannot accomplish it. They may need read the present study, showing that concealed mental or sociological elements are as necessary for success given that rational or measureable facets.

INSEAD’s new approach Execution Programme provides the insights and tools to bridge that tough gap involving the logical development of method and real-life execution. It can help to identify hidden traps, balance the logical aided by the emotional and build the inner capacity to carry on implementing method successfully. Finally, the programme provides a ready-made support system in the form of other participants dealing with similar difficulties. Have a strategy report and leave with action plan that delivers outcomes.

Key Advantages

  • Incorporate a greater understanding of your strategic aspirations and difficulties and leave with a far more practical, actionable plan of execution
  • Gain brand new insights about the hidden obstacles to strategic execution and just how to conquer them
  • Get a-deep knowledge of ways to get results from future strategic initiatives
  • Comprehend the psychological characteristics between strategy execution practitioners and stakeholders

A view from INSEAD on:

The approach Execution Programme is uniquely structured around your very own framework and your own individual method execution (challenge) plan. This gives one to learn while doing, after a virtuous circle of expression, action and further expression.

Source: executive-education.insead.edu
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