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March 21, 2016
Executive LLM | IE Law School
The James L Allen CenterAt Kellogg, we believe that growth is the essential means to extraordinary ends. It’s a challenge that every organization and leader confronts. At its best, growth can deliver lasting, sustainable benefits for all, from consumers to communities to shareholders and the economy alike. A growing enterprise empowers employees, attracts top talent and helps fund expansion and transformation.

Kellogg educates growth-minded leaders. We have identified the four key attributes that, in addition to the essentials of analytical and intellectual rigor, today’s leaders must demonstrate to drive growth and create value in a dynamic, complex environment:

  • Clarity of purpose and intense focus on markets and customers
  • Deep collaboration skills
  • Agility and resilience in real time
  • Insight and understanding at the intersection of business and policy

This is what Kellogg teaches in our Executive Education programs. Our distinctive approach to executive learning prepares the leaders of today and tomorrow with a comprehensive understanding of how to inspire growth in people, organizations and markets.

Through our proven approach, we empower and enable growth in organizations and individuals by:

Maximizing leadership potential

  • We employ a dynamic mix of teaching styles, including case discussion, lecture and live consulting projects.
  • Seven Executive Scholar tracks allow participants to focus their studies functionally or on cross-disciplinary paths.
  • The Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute offers dedicated C-suite leadership development programming.
  • Participants come to learn at Kellogg from over 80 countries, affording access to a robust global network.

Building dynamic skill-sets to stay ahead of the market
  • Kellogg offers one of the broadest open enrollment portfolios in the world, with more than 50 executive education programs offered across topics and disciplines.
  • Custom partnerships with our client companies are grounded in listening carefully, gaining a deep understanding of their goals and laying out an educational design that will create strategic and actionable outcomes.
  • Our top tier faculty provides content reflecting the most current thought leadership across all disciplines and represent a mix of academics and practitioners.
  • Coursework, simulations and projects challenge participants to make the connections between academic theory and real world practice.
Focusing on developing effective enterprises in a complex world
  • Kellogg continually designs new programming aligned with leadership needs as markets evolve.
  • Participants gain global perspective from international cases, a global network of peers and from immersive global market experiences.
  • Kellogg offers integrated leadership development opportunities for functional and enterprise-level growth.

In our unique executive learning environment supported by a collaborative faculty and staff team, Kellogg will take you on an intellectual journey that is both stimulating and practical. Led by an academic director and program manager, each Kellogg Executive Education program is taught by a select group of senior faculty. All members of the academic team pay keen attention to how the individual components of program content build on and relate to one another and lead to the realization of the overall program objective and your learning goals. The James L. Allen Center, exclusively designed and managed for executive education, creates an immersive environment that maximizes the potential for learning. It is a completely self-contained facility that incorporates all living and learning spaces and services.
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