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August 8, 2016
At Thunderbird Executive

In Thunderbird Executive knowledge, the heart of your company is helping our clients fix issues, or provide strategic priorities, they otherwise cannot do independently. We only assist on conditions that is fixed by training, and at Thunderbird, our most useful work is on problems or techniques that have messy international aspects.

Our objective would be to provide an entire client knowledge in which our exec participants prepare well, discover brand-new a few ideas, add up for unique framework, and embed those brand-new a few ideas inside their operate in techniques create value when it comes to organization. Therefore, produces value and success when you look at the communities, societies, and nations within which our customer businesses operate.

We deliver world-class training through many different designs and practices, using a selection of superb faculty.

1. Design — We believe training is the key to sustained change in people, teams, and businesses and a very good design reasoning is needed to create value. The design reasoning of an educational input is the difference between the sum of the some material sessions and a strong incorporated knowledge that creates business impact. Find out more about Thunderbird’s design philosophy.

2. Techniques — We think the miracle is in the blend. The capacity to provide a diverse and strategic mix of powerful delivery and training practices is essential to effective discovering. Find Thunderbird’s unique way of training practices.

3. Professors — The Thunderbird Educator system integrates Thunderbird’s world-class faculty with cutting-edge thought frontrunners and skillfully developed around the globe to provide our clients even more selections for content and distribution. Get a sample of the faculty obtainable in the Thunderbird Educator Network.

4. Technology — We think blended learning is most beneficial. Whenever made use of accordingly, technology applied to learning creates efficiencies in cost and time, plus creates abilities in learners being important to achieve your goals operating these days. Explore Thunderbird’s online learning environment and customized online portals.

Thunderbird Executive Lecture Series7 21 15
Thunderbird Executive Lecture Series7 21 15
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