Master International Economics

February 25, 2017
BA/MA in International

The two years MIS program provides a rigorous learning business economics with an increased exposure of plan issues. We concentrate on the international measurement of economics, specifically trade, international migrations, intercontinental macroeconomics, financial history, and development.

Who can use?

Admissions are decided on the basis of individual files. Prospects for the MIS program require two perequisites. Very first, they should have then followed undergraduate business economics courses in order to be familiar with the primary principles of economics. Second, they should have a good mathematical back ground in order to be prepared to undertake the technical aspects of economics. Many (albeit not totally all) incoming pupils have actually an undergraduate level in economics.

What does it prepare you for?

Upon conclusion of the MIS you are able to acquire a situation centered on financial analysis in a diverse variety of employers. The MIS thesis makes one to individually carry out insightful and rigorous analysis of economic issues.
Effective conclusion associated with MIS also enables you to carry on your studies in a PhD system, either at the Institute or in another organization.

Exactly how could be the program organized?

This program is made of core courses and electives (business economics classes have been in English), and a thesis.

  • The core classes provide you with a great learning macroeconomics, trade, and econometrics. They are absorbed initial three semesters associated with program. Additionally have the opportunity to simply take a math refresher training course beginning shortly before the very first semester.
  • Optional address courses in economics, including an econometrics workshop within the last semester for which you will present a preliminary type of your thesis, and chosen courses in the Institute’s other procedures.
  • You certainly will choose a faculty member (advisor) to supervise your master thesis by the start of second year. Students generally slim the study topic during the third semester, causing a thesis proposition because of the end of this semester. You'll consider composing your thesis inside 4th semester beneath the assistance of your consultant.

The credit requirements are for 90 credits (ECTS) from courses (36 from six core classes, between 30 and 42 from 5-7 electives in economics and between 12 and 24 from 2-4 electives outdoors economics) and 30 credits through the thesis.

Am I able to follow courses outside the Institute?

Yes. You can occupy to 2 courses (non-economics elective) in other establishments, subject to endorsement because of the director of studies.
We also offer opportunities for exchanges along with other institutions. These happen when you look at the 3rd semester with programs posted during your 2nd semester.

Is economic assistance available?

Yes. Although we can not fund all MIS pupils, the Institute provides a significant amount of scholarships. You'll submit an application for help for your very first year whenever deciding on the Institute. Applications for assistance the second 12 months are posted through the 2nd semester.

Exactly how is the work atmosphere?

Extremely collegial and stimulating. Our small size of approximately 20 pupils annually enables good contact between pupils and professors members. The Institute is certainly not a setting where a lot of students have limited accessibility a distant faculty. Instead, there's a great connection between students and teachers and the business economics area values the feedback of students in the performance of economics system.
Our small-size in addition fosters a cooperative environment among pupils. Each cohort of pupil elects a representative who is in regular experience of the faculty and also the management.

Am I able to proceed on the PhD programme?

Yes, at the mercy of acceptance, needless to say. The Institute has introduced a “fast track” option. MIS pupils contemplating the PhD can put on in their 3rd semester. They are going to after that follow doctoral courses in the 4th semester. When acknowledged, the 4th semester of the MIS becomes the first semester of the PhD system. Pupils will submit a dissertation proposition by the end of the 5th semester at Institute, with a successful suggestion giving all of them a Master degree. More information regarding PhD program are located on the PhD web page. In the event that PhD application proves unsuccessful, pupils will simply complete the MIS system in the standard schedule.

Simple tips to apply?

Admission is organized in the Institute amount. Interested pupils are kindly asked to adhere to the overall Admission treatment into Institute's programs. Besides the basic entry problems, the Economics division requires applicants into Master and PhD system to use the GRE test (school signal: 2258; department signal: 1901).

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