AQA Business Studies Unit 2

April 8, 2015
Business Studies Ratios 2

Effective Marketing And Advertising

* the purpose of marketing and advertising
* niche and size marketing and advertising

Pupils should know the benefits and downsides of niche and size advertising.

Students should know customer advertising and company to business advertising.

Designing an Effective Advertising And Marketing Combine
* impacts on marketing and advertising mix
* the necessity of an integral marketing and advertising blend.
The affects in the advertising and marketing combine may be wide-ranging, encompassing finance, technology and market research.
Using the Advertising Combine: Item
* influences regarding development of brand-new products or services
* unique selling points (or propositions)
* item portfolio evaluation
* product life pattern.
Impacts regarding growth of brand new goods and services consist of: technology, rivals' activities while the entrepreneurial skills of managers and owners.
Product profile evaluation includes the Boston Matrix.
Making use of the Marketing Combine: Advertising
* aspects of the marketing mix
* influences from the choice of advertising blend.
The marketing mix includes factors including: PR, marketing, merchandising, sales promotions, direct selling and advertising.
With the Marketing Mix: Rates
* pricing methods
* prices tactics
* influences on pricing choices.
Prices methods ought to include: cost skimming and penetration, cost frontrunners and price takers.

Pricing techniques should include: loss leaders and emotional prices.

Influences on prices decisions ought to include the price elasticity of demand. Pupils must comprehend the importance, determinants and problems of dimension of cost elasticity. Students should certainly utilize the price elasticity coefficient to show the effects of cost modifications on complete revenue. However, Students will never be needed to determine the coefficient of cost elasticity.

Using the Advertising Combine: Place
* choosing proper outlets/distributors
* types of distribution stations.
Marketing and competition
* the possible effects of market problems and level of competition
* determinants of competitiveness
* methods of improving competition.
Students should know a range of markets with differing amounts of companies and degrees of competitors including one prominent company or numerous smaller organizations. They should think about just how this impacts from the design associated with the advertising combine.
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