Bachelors in Business

April 6, 2017
Building leaders is our

I remember that within my first months at USC, I'd no idea of where to visit grab a bite in Down Town and/or area around campus. For this reason We have come up with this handbook for … Continue reading →

LA Climate in February

Check-out Ca, they said… the weather is amazing, they stated… Ccoggiuda*! February third and to fall asleep i must use multiple socks and a sweater. Perhaps it really is due to the fact that my roomie keeps the … Continue reading →

The thing I look ahead to this Last Semester at USC

There are many things that I would like to do before making USC, but something that dwarfs all others is participating in and being a fundamental piece of the Chaotic 3 (or C3) hip-hop party group. C3 could be the … Continue reading →

Each Person, Various Perspective

There’s no chance to understand the cold of winter quite like perspiring amply in hot, humid, exotic forests of native Panama over your break. My time soothing at home ended up being slashed short over Christmas by a visit to Panama … keep reading →

Memories from cold temperatures break

I actually accomplished just a tenth associated with things I set myself doing. Exactly the same day I got back I'd supper with family members. America changed me personally a great deal as well as were the first ever to think it is on with … read on →

My to do number the Spring

I cannot believe that this semester is (potentially) my final one at USC. Since I have not decided however where to go-back for my senior year, I want to really maximize this Spring! Firstly, … Continue reading →

Memories of Winter Break

This cold weather break ended up being such a welcome thing. Following the tension and excitement regarding the first semester of freshmen 12 months, it absolutely was nice to return house to Austin, Tx and merely relax. Truly, the majority of the time that … read on →

Grace - Bachelor of Business/Laws
Grace - Bachelor of Business/Laws
QUT Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Information Technology
QUT Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor in International Business - year 3 student
Bachelor in International Business - year 3 student ...
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