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January 30, 2017
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Degree program are intent on their particular objectives, as well as visited the Frost School of musical to simply take a significant step toward attaining those objectives, whether or not to operate in standard songs industry places, such as for instance songs posting or record marketing and advertising and distribution, or perhaps in new and promising aspects of the company, including internet based music online streaming solutions. Songs Business students work tirelessly to develop their particular knowledge and skills through research with this professors whose members are founded business teachers and experts.

Classroom la childs, extra-curricular participation and internships are vital components of the degree program. Music Business and Entertainment Industries students study music copyright, music publishing, record companies, entertainment contracts, music licensing, touring, and music marketing. In addition to their primary area of study, they have the opportunity to pursue other related subjects such as music, business and communications. More detailed information about the program curriculum can be found in the Academic Bulletin. (Tip for navigating the Bulletin: Select the Browse Sections option, then under Graduate Programs, select the Frost School of Music, then search for “MBEI” or scroll to the MMI Department, and this particular program)

Musical Business and Entertainment Industries students have actually many possibilities to expand their understanding of the songs business by getting involved in our student-run enterprises, ‘Cane Records and Cat 5 Songs Publishing, our student Musical business Association (MIA), and the regional limbs of national organizations such as for instance Grammy U. Visit our scholar Life page to learn more.

Songs company students are encouraged to explore various aspects of the industry through several internships, that might be finished in your area and/or in different towns and cities around the world. Guest speakers on a regular basis arrived at our campus to generally share their insights and experiences with your pupils.

Our objective is prepare you for the following part of your job as a songs business and activity business professional. Our graduates will work in almost every various section of the business – songs writing, record companies, songs certification, artist management, reside songs manufacturing, concert management, and intellectual property/entertainment law. We look ahead to inviting you as students towards musical company and Entertainment Industries Program during the University of Miami Frost School of Music!

Admissions Information: When reviewing applications to the program, we think about the “total” individual - women and men just who reveal a design of achievement as well as the power to assume increased responsibility throughout their professions. We're going to assess each prospect on the next aspects:
• Undergraduate level point average
• GRE rating (if required)
• many years of business-related work experience
• Level of present position

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