Masters of Accountancy

August 25, 2013
Carlson School of Management

An extensive graduate degree made to prepare pupils for a lifetime career as a CPA or CMA qualified accountant.


The Master of Accountancy (MAc) is intended to meet up with the needs of both career-changers and those already in the profession who wish to further develop their expertise. For many pupils, the MAc will match the knowledge requirements to stay for the CPA or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) examinations.

Students may go after the Master of Accountancy degree in person through our evening and full time day programs in san francisco bay area or online from everywhere at unique pace. Furthermore, an accelerated online MAc program is anticipated to commence Fall 2016.

The full time Master of Accountancy cohort program, offered in-person in bay area and expected available on the internet beginning in Fall 2016, enables pupils to perform the amount in only 12 months. Each of our accelerated options provide considerable help for pupils to secure employment after graduation. Like the full-time in-person program, the web accelerated alternative includes career guidance, mentoring, and professional development.

The cohorts begin in belated July, and finish an intense load of six programs by mid December. Students can satisfy any key basis system requirements through the summer months preceding the beginning of the cohort. Job placement activities run concurrently aided by the program work. The Accounting Career Fair is held in belated September, after which community bookkeeping companies, federal government companies, and corporations compete for prospects. On line students may be asked to the san francisco bay area campus to indulge in on the weekend of professional development and networking with top businesses.

Students can expect to understand a variety of skills, understanding and abilities. Students will:
  • be able to recognize accounting dilemmas, study and efficiently communicate the outcome orally plus writing.
  • have actually a precise body of knowledge of important accounting axioms and doctrines, including yet not restricted to the following, and then critically use these concepts to useful situations and also to conform to altering work surroundings: income recognition; IFRS; auditing; inner controls; control environment; materiality; ethics, both practical implementation and professional duty; and fraud.
  • be ready to work accounting choice manufacturers in an ever more worldwide business environment.
  • have an understanding of the business, legal, expert, and moral context for a lifetime career as a specialist accountant, such as the capability to identify and accordingly work when honest problems are encountered in activities of a professional accountant.
  • have knowledge and ability in accomplishing targets by collaboration.
Master of Accountancy- Overview
Master of Accountancy- Overview
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2013 Graduation Convocation - Master of Accountancy
2013 Graduation Convocation - Master of Accountancy
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