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October 3, 2015
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We will be improving our account methods after the next day's upkeep to offer you much better solution and enhanced features. Many people will not have to accomplish almost anything to use the upgrade.

However, some players are still playing on older records (NCSOFT Master Accounts). If you work with a user name to log to the game, it is important to migrate over to our brand new system to continue the use of your records and to play NCSOFT games. Migrating your bank account is simple, free, and takes just a few minutes. And, as a particular extra for several our longtime players, people who accomplish their account migrations before might 1, 2015 will get 400 NCoin to expend in-game.

Dont wait too long. If you fail to migrate your account, it'll be deleted from our system. When this happens, we will be incapable of recover your bank account and any connected characters, products, or information.

We recognize that this most likely doesnt apply to existing people which utilize their particular mail to log in to the game, but if you have got buddies or family relations, which is probably not alert to this, kindly pass the information and knowledge along.

To move your bank account, join at and will also be directed through the process.


Q: I tried to get on a game and had been informed that i have to migrate my account. Exactly what do I Really Do?
A: get on your account at and will also be taken through the procedure.

Q: just what do i must migrate my account?
A: all you have to is a valid email address which at this time not in use for just about any various other NCSOFT reports.

Q: just what exactly happens as soon as we supply a message address?
A: when you enter a valid email address and a show name, you can expect to obtain a verification email. Click on the verify today link for the reason that e-mail. Once your email is confirmed, you will be practically done. Mouse click carry on and verify the final part of the method.

Q: Once Ive migrated, what do i take advantage of to get on the games?
A: you employ the email target you simply offered. Which now your online game and website login.

Q: We have an NCoin balance. Does it move over?
A: Indeed. You will be able to gain access to your NCoin as usual when you migrate.

Q: Im unsure easily must move my account. How can I check?
A: unless you make use of an email to log to your account, you will have to migrate. To check on, log in to your account at and in case you ought to move your bank account, you'll be informed and taken through process.

Q: Im a new player. Can I have to migrate?
A: No. people who have developed reports after
A: you want to express gratitude to players taking the time to migrate their particular NCSOFT Master records to our brand new system. Were supplying 400 NCoin as an incentive for many who migrate by might 1, 2015.

Q: When am I going to have the free NCoin?
The NCoin will likely to be delivered to the account at a later time.

Q: What if we play several NCSOFT games? Could I get the 400NCoin over and over again?
A: Each migrated account is only going to qualify for one (1) 400 NCoin bonus.

Q: What happens if I do not migrate?
A: your bank account should be deleted from our account system, and we'll be unable to restore it or any characters or information of it.

Q: When will you erase records that havent migrated?
A: we are deleting unmigrated records in early might 2015.

Q: i've buddies or family members having purchased and played Lineage II in the past. Just what should they do?
Please keep these things look at this statement to move their particular reports. If they're having difficulty signing in to the site, please ask them to contact .

Q: I dont would you like to migrate but can i-come as well as play Lineage II later on?
Accounts having maybe not migrated by early May will be removed from our system. Lineage II records are free to develop in order to constantly produce an account later on.

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